Soderholm & Associates traces its beginnings back to 1959, when Chuck Soderholm Sr. partnered with other area professionals to form a small sales agency. Eventually, the partners went their separate ways and Chuck went on to build a large, successful rep firm.

Chuck Soderholm Sr
Chuck Soderholm Sr

Over the years, Chuck Sr. represented a large number of different plumbing and heating manufacturers – with a level of integrity and hard work that is still well-admired and remembered by the manufacturers, wholesalers, contractors, and engineers he worked with.

In 1971, Chuck Sr. founded Water Control Corporation: a manufacturer of commercial water softening, filtration, and reclamation equipment. Soderholm & Associates became a family business in the 1970’s and 1980’s when Chuck Sr. was joined by his sons who have owned and managed the business since the early 1990’s.

Employee Owned

In August of 2015, Soderholm and Associates was sold to our employees in an ESOP arrangement, inspiring our team and inviting the next generation of talented individuals to lead the company well into the future. This “employee ownership” model reinforces our strong commitment to our people, our customers, and the factories we serve. With the PHCC industry evolving at a rapid pace, we are positioned to meet changing needs and well outpace our competition in our ability to add value to our channel partners.

Chuck Sr. currently lives in Grand Marais, Minnesota and is still a great source of inspiration to the company and its people. Thank you Chuck for building our “firm foundation!”